Michael Braunstein

Music was and is a passion in my life. The passion and fun of it took me to Los Angeles in the 1970s. Somehow I ended up working with just about every musician and artist I idolized and listened to as I was growing up. And many more whom I met in LA.
Stephen Stills and Frank Zappa were huge influences. I engineered six or seven albums with Zappa and about three with Stills. I engineered the Crosby, Stills & Nash reunion album. Thanks to Gerry Tolman, who was one great guy and a good friend, my name is included on their Greatest Hits album that came out in 2005. We lost GT in an auto crash New Year's Day in 2006.
I know Stephen and the guys miss him alot.

Other artists I worked with include The Eagles (thanks to the best producer I ever saw work - Bill Szymczyk,) Rufus and Chaka Khan (thanks to Gary Olazabal,) Poco, Stevie Wonder, Appaloosa, Dave Mason, Quincy Jones, Barry Manilow, Keith Moon, Paul McCartney, Kenny Jones, Ringo Starr, Three Dog Night, The Beach Boys, Julio Iglesias, Hank Williams, Jr., Marlena Shaw, Stan Getz, Al Hirt, King Creole, Sara Vaughan, Mel Tormé, Diane Schuur, Ronnie Wood, Peter Frampton, Leslie Gore, Brothers Johnson, Sammy Hagar, Tommy Bolin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tower of Power, Sly Stone, David Cassidy, Richard Marx, Al Kooper, Nils Lofgren, Head East, Grand Funk Railroad, Mark Stein, Captain Beefheart, U.K., John Wetton, D'Molls, Ned Doheny, Paul Anka, René & Angela, Ernie Watts, Guthrie Thomas, Jerry Lynne Williams, Veronique Sanson, Lynda Carter, Airto Moreira, Gene Simmons, Glen Campbell, Tanya Tucker, the O'Jays, America... and the list could go on.
Maybe my favorite album was Joseph Parsons.
My friend Eiichi Naito brought me in on several Japanese projects that included The Southern All-Stars and Hiroyuki Sanada and Akira Fuse.
There were a few hundred more records and projects, live records, TV shows [Rock Concert, Midnight Special].

Producing and engineering records - almost entirely in Los Angeles, but also in Sausalito, New York. Miami, Barcelona, Japan and elsewhere - spanned the three decades of the 1970s, '80s and '90s.
Since then, I have been back in my home town of Omaha, writing, teaching, practicing hypnotherapy, publishing websites and magazines, focusing on alternative healing arts.

Actually, just creating is the biggest buzz I get. Creating relationships, records, healing, farmers markets, magazines - each moment is a creation. I am grateful for the creative people around me who remind me of that.

I will eventually be adding more to this site. Email me at mikeb2687@aol.com

UPDATE: So, I've finally added a page or two. I am trying not to filter or censor myself. Just adding stuff as it occurs to me.
And not trying to tell tales out of school, just remembering things.
More including a new Photo Page